How is this Coconut Oil different from regular cooking Coconut Oil?

Love Hair Coconut Oil

Our Love Hair Pure Coconut Oil is extra virgin Coconut Oil that is 100% unrefined, and USDA Certified Organic. Love Hair Coconut Oil uses organic coconuts that are hand picked and pressed within the same day to guarantee the freshest and highest quality of Coconut Oil. Unrefined Coconut Oil is the least processed form of Coconut Oil available and it contains no additional additives—it’s Coconut Oil at its most natural state. Meanwhile, most cooking grade Coconut Oils down your grocery store aisles are refined and use dried and old coconuts (known as copra). These oils go through a chemical refining process and are often deodorized and bleached to give the oil its coloring (commonly referred to as RBD) which impacts the overall quality and strips away the naturally-occurring antioxidant and antibacterial properties, vitamins and nutritional benefits. We do not recommend applying cooking grade Coconut Oil for external use as there is a risk of possible irritation to the skin due to the added chemicals during the chemical refining process.

Our extra virgin Coconut Oil uses a special cold-pressed and centrifuge extraction process which helps to retain most of the antioxidants, antibacterial content, vitamin E, and healthy fatty acid properties (this method retains the highest level of lauric acid than any other Coconut Oil extraction methods). Cold-pressing is the method of extracting coconut milk from the coconut meat (without using heat) and centrifuging is the process of extracting oil from the coconut milk. We use both methods as a standard for our oil production. With its silky-fine texture and fast-absorption capabilities, beauty grade Coconut Oil makes a perfect product for all things beauty related.

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