What does beauty grade Coconut Oil mean?

Beauty grade refers to the high quality virgin Coconut Oil which is the best type of Coconut Oil for your hair and skin. Virgin Coconut Oil is made from the fresh, young coconuts. Our Love Hair Pure Coconut Oil is extra virgin Coconut Oil that is 100% unrefined, and USDA Certified Organic. Our coconuts are hand picked and pressed within the same day to guarantee the freshest and highest quality of Coconut Oil.

Unrefined Coconut Oil is the least processed form of Coconut Oil available and it contains no additional additives—it’s Coconut Oil at its most natural state. Unlike cooking grade Coconut Oil which is traditionally made from dried, old coconuts (called copra) and with added chemicals during the chemical refining process, our beauty grade Coconut Oil is safe to use on your skin and hair and there is no risk of irritation. With its silky-fine texture and fast-absorption capabilities, beauty grade Coconut Oil makes a perfect product for all things beauty related.

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