What does your Coconut Oil smell like?

Love Hair Coconut Oil has a very light and natural coconut aroma. In order to achieve this, there are two factors to consider:

1) All raw material (coconut meat) has to be fresh, not rancid and good quality.
2) Moisture content in coconut oil must be as low as possible.

Our manufacturer, with years of experience in coconut oil production, is able to easily keep water content very low (0.03-0.06%). If these two conditions for good quality are met, the coconut aroma is much lighter. Many factories use heat to dry the coconut meat or shred desiccated coconut before pressing the oil. This gives a much stronger smell to the oil. And even when you use fresh meat, if you are not able to press efficiently by also removing all moisture, that will still give you a strong and sometimes rancid aroma.

Please keep in mind, you can still find slight differences in taste between oils from different countries, because of the variety of soil and trees.

The silky smooth texture and especially the capacity of absorbing on the skin (so the fact of being less "greasy") is due mostly to the low moisture content of the oil. This apparent small difference actually has an important chemical impact, especially in peroxide value and acid value.
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