Why should I only use beauty grade Coconut Oil on my hair and skin?

Love Hair Coconut Oil

We recommend only using beauty grade Coconut Oil on your hair and skin as the quality is much higher than regular cooking grade Coconut Oil. We have sourced the highest grade of Coconut Oil designed for use on your hair and skin. Our extra virgin Coconut Oil is 100% unrefined and USDA Certified Organic with no added preservatives, making it completely safe to use externally and internally.

If you consider alternatives like cooking grade Coconut Oil which is traditionally made from dried and old coconuts (called Copra) with added chemicals during the chemical refining process, our beauty grade Coconut Oil is safe to use on your skin and hair and there is no risk of irritation. You may also notice that cooking grade Coconut Oil can have a chunky texture which does not make for an ideal application. Beauty grade Coconut Oil is smooth and has a silky-fine texture which is perfect for application to the hair and skin.
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