6 Natural Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster (and Stronger)

6 Natural Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster (and Stronger)

Anyone else decide days after giving themselves bangs they instantly regret it? Or have you suddenly decided this is the year you want to see how far and fast you can grow your hair? If you're like us and somehow spiral down a rabbit hole on Google trying to find quick-fix solutions, we're here to tell you it really starts with hair health a.k.a. what you put in your body and on your hair. 

If you’re in need of some tips to help your mane grow faster, here are some suggestions that you can easily (and naturally) do at home—without having to resort use extensions or weave.

1. Take collagen and biotin daily

Healthy hair starts with healthy habits. To get your hair growing longer, faster, and stronger, it’s important to give it the nutrients it needs. That’s where biotin and collagen come in. 

Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is a common word in the hair industry, and for good measure. This vitamin is key to stimulating keratin production in hair and also increases the rate of follicle growth.

As for collagen, this is the most abundant protein in our bodies that helps make up tendons, ligaments, and your skin—and because it supports the skin, it’s great for supporting the scalp. But by the time we hit our early to mid-20s, our body’s ability to create collagen starts to deplete. That’s why it’s integral to offset that decline. 

And while lots of companies push for biotin gummies, try to just take the supplement in pills or powders, to avoid added sugars. 

As for collage, choose bone broths or a natural protein powder you can add to your juices and smoothies.  

2. Daily scalp massages

Just like the rest of your body, your scalp also needs some tender, loving care. By giving your scalp frequent massages, you’ll help stimulate your hair follicles, encouraging your hair to grow thicker and faster. The best part? You can do it all on your own: 

  • Move in small circles on your scalp, using your fingertips of both hands
  • Do this for at least five minutes a day, multiple times throughout the day 

3. Use haircare products with natural ingredients

If you’re hoping to help your hair grow faster, give your scalp some stimulating ingredients to give your locks the added boost. Why not try natural products packed with organic ingredients? 

As much as it’s important to be aware of what you’re putting into your body, it’s just as important to think about what you’re putting on it. It’s important to read the ingredients in your shampoos and conditioners, minimizing the amount of chemicals that could actually lead to breakage. 

Instead, opt for haircare products that are made with:

  • Aloe vera, which is filled with aloenin, a chemical compound that helps promote hair growth
  • Pracaxi oil, which is extremely hydrating and helps strengthen the hair shaft
  • Shea butter, which helps overall hair health while also moisturizing and conditioning hair to help prevent breakage
  • Jojoba oil to smooth, strengthen, condition your hair, while preventing breakage.

4. Exfoliate and use masks on your scalp 

When it comes to hair, it’s always important to get to the root of it all—literally. Make sure you give your scalp a good clean to get rid of buildup and residue, to give your follicles the right environment to regenerate and help your hair grow. 

By getting rid of excess oil, dirt, pollution, dead cells, dry skin, and even dandruff, you can give your scalp a healthy refresh. And it’s easy to do! Once a week, combine salt or sugar with olive oil and coconut oil, then apply to your roots, and massage into your scalp in a circular motion. Then rinse the exfoliation out with your usual shampoo. Try to rinse with cold water, to help seal in the moisture. 

And if you’re in need of even more of hydrating boost to your scalp, try to do a weekly mask treatment. Finding one that incorporates lavender, pracaxi, and jojoba oil—like the Nourishing Treatment Mask—is a great way hydrate and fortify your strands. Besides, it’s a known fact that the healthier hair on the outside, starts with a stronger inside. 

5. Give your bed a makeover, literally

While most hair routines happen in the bathroom, how you care for your hair overnight truly does make an impact. The best way to have your hair grow faster is to eliminate the amount of breakage that can occur—and you can even do that in your sleep! Switch your pillow cases to a silk or satin material, to give your hair an easier rest. In fact, you’ll avoid tangles and breakage, ensuring your hair stays long longer. 

Bonus perk: this tip might also help avoid the bedhead in the morning, too. 

6. Trim your hair often

We know, we know—it sounds completely counterproductive, but trimming your hair often is actually a great way to avoid breakage. We don’t mean cut off six inches every week, but have your favorite stylist get rid of the dry ends that are weighing you—and your hair—down. 

By cutting off dead ends and split ends on a regular basis, you’re giving your hair a chance to grow stronger. Plus, it also gives the illusion that your hair looks healthier, thus making it shinier and look longer. 

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