8 Ways to Use Hair Oil—and Not Just for Your Hair

8 Ways to Use Hair Oil—and Not Just for Your Hair

While most people are probably fans of the shampoo and conditioner combo, why not add a third player into your haircare arsenal? Introducing hair oil—an elixir of ingredients to give your hair and scalp the nourishment, gloss, and shine it needs.

From taming fly away strands to giving you the curls you deserve hair oil is a great addition to any haircare routine. But if you’re curious how to incorporate it into your routine, we’ve got 8 easy methods—and not just for your hair!

And in case you didn’t know, a little goes a long way.  

1. Use it to tame the frizz 

In a pinch and need to tame the frizz? One to two drops of hair oil are the easiest way to tame those flyaways, as you kickstart your day. Whether your hair is damp or dry, rub some hair oil between your hands, then gently run your hands through your hair. It’s a quick and easy fix to give you the glossy, put-together look you need to take on your day-to-day.  

2. Use it as a deep conditioning moisturizing treatment

Dry and brittle hair weighing you down? One of the easiest ways to bring your hair back to life is to give it some steamy TLC—pun intended. We recommend applying the hair oil to your locks before a shower, pin it up, and let the steam from the shower open the hair cuticles to penetrate the hair. It’s a great way to help give your dead and split ends a little bit of nourishment, shine, and sheen, it deserves.

It’s especially great for those who recently bleached their hair, to help them keep hair soft and far from brittle.

3. Use it to define and detangle your curls

Where are our curly-haired friends? If you’re a fan of scrunching and crunching your waves, consider applying hair oil to your routine post-hair wash. Scrunch the oil lightly into your tresses as you get the curl pattern you want, and then leave it to air dry or use a diffuser.

You can also apply it to your wet hair and use a wide-tooth comb to help detangle your curls. Remember: start at the bottom of your hair and work your way up.

Plus, this tip works on any and all hair types!

4. Use it as an overnight mask

Did someone say heatless curls? While the trend is taking over Tik Tok by storm, one way to get a similar look is to place a couple drops of hair oil into your strands at night and pleat it into a braid or toss it into a messy bun, and leave it overnight. It’s a great way to keep your hair looking healthy—plus, you’ll get some easy DIY mermaid-style, beachy waves first thing in the a.m.

5. Use it to protect your hair from sun damage

Who said only our skin needed protection from UV rays? Your hair needs it too! Before you enjoy that sand, surf, and sun, apply a few drops of oil to your hair and braid it into a protective style.

6. Use it before you use your heat styling tools

It’s an obvious rule that when it comes to straighteners or curlers, protection is key. And while we often reach for heat protector sprays to help us avoid stress and damage, why not consider getting double the coverage with an additional natural solution?

Add a small amount of product onto the ends and length of your dry hair, combined with a heat protectant, prior to using your flat iron or curling iron.

7. Use it for your skin

What’s great about hair oil is, if you use one made with natural ingredients—wink wink, have you tried our Nourishing Hair Oil—you can actually use it for more than just your locks! Add a couples drops to your favorite body creams as you do your skincare routine, to give your skin an even more luxe glow.

8. Use it on your nails and cuticle beds

Give it a try on your nails and cuticles or on your hair to see the amazing results of how the oil can deeply nourish and hydrate. Just add a small drop to each nail bed and massage it in. It’s a great step to incorporate, especially after getting a fresh new manicure.  

Ready to add hair oil to your routine? Try Love Hair’s Nourishing Hair Oil, packed with seven natural oils, including Jojoba and Coconut, to give your hair a luminous, dewy look—without leaving it greasy or weighed down.

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