Meditation Apps: Guided Meditation For Beginners

Meditation Apps: Guided Meditation For Beginners

Today’s modern working woman lives in a society of constant connection. Her morning begins with scrolling through her social media feed, arriving to work to deal with endless amounts of emails, and ending her day the same way it began. With the incessant glare of brightly lit screens and constant flow of information, it’s no wonder that many women feel overwhelmed in their daily lives and are constantly in search of a little stability amid the chaos.

Constant stress can take a serious toll on our mental health, but meditation provides a much needed release and a reminder to be present. It allows a moment of escape, and despite popular belief, doesn’t require hours of dedicated practice—only a few minutes of your day.

One of our favorite ways to enjoy meditation is to make it a part of our self-love routine. Whether for you this happens to be in the morning or in the evening, meditation can be more enjoyable if you pair it with a pampering activity like lighting a beautiful scented candle, putting on your favorite face mask or letting Coconut Oil absorb its nutrients into your hair.

Sitting alone with only your thoughts can seem intimidating at first, so we’ve put together some guided meditation apps to ease you into the practice.


Meditation Apps

Price: Free

Headspace is the most well-known meditation app and often the first one beginners try when starting their practice. Headspace is quite structured, and gives exact instructions on how to settle your mind and focus on the present. The “basics” pack is a great starting point, but once you become more comfortable, the app allows you to narrow down your practice to certain areas of your life. The topics vary from anything between relationships, careers or even something as specific as sports.

Meditation Apps


Price: 14-day free trial, monthly subscriptions starting at $8

Inscape is one of New York’s most elite meditation studios, and are experts when it comes to mindfulness and meditation. Inscape recently opened their doors worldwide, providing all the knowledge and wisdom that the studio offers at the touch of your fingertips. The app features various well-researched guided meditations from experts, a daily journal to track practices and a self-timer feature to track minutes spent meditating.

10% Happier

Price: Free

10% Happier is the follow-up to Dan Harris’ #1 New York Times bestselling memoir, titled by the same name. The app provides a clear, simplistic approach to meditation and is designed to provide longevity to your practice. 10% Happier provides variations of meditations based on mood and offers options such as winding down, stress and gratitude.

Meditation Studio

Price: $3.99

The Meditation Studio app offers meditations that are sorted into specific categories  anxiety, happiness, sleep, pain and performance. The guided meditations range in length from four to thirty minutes and boasts more than thirty different instructors to  further personalize your experience. The app also provides options for meditations catering to the user’s age and varies from teenager to mother to children.


Meditation Apps

Price: Free

Calm is not just for meditation, but also includes a variety of options to help settle your mind and completely relax. This app offers everything from “adult bedtime stories” to calming nature sounds and and even assisted breathing exercises. The meditation portion of the app offers sessions that vary from three to 25 minutes and can be both open-ended or catered towards certain emotions like stress or confidence.

Meditation Apps

Stop, Breathe & Think

Price: Free

If you struggle to find the time during your busy schedule for meditation, the Stop, Breathe & Think app is the perfect solution. This meditation app specializes in guided practices that can be incorporated throughout the day and vary between five and 20 minutes. The purpose is to provide a moment of escape, allowing you to take a quick breather and get back in touch with your mental state. The app also recommends different guided meditation programs based on mood, which is ideal for when stressful situations unexpectedly arise.


Price: Free three minute daily session

Aura is a unique meditation app personalized to your exact feelings and emotions at the time you choose to meditate. When the app is opened, it asks you to answer a few basic questions about how you feel. Then, the app intuitively chooses a three-minute meditation session based on your answers. This process also allows you to track and journal your moods.

Meditation can be intimidating, especially as a beginner, but the positives it will bring to your life are endless. Open up an app, add it to your pampering routine, and use your practice as a way to reconnect with your thoughts and bring positivity and light to your life.

Written by Olivia Di Pede

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