Natural Hair Products Vs. Organic: What does It All Mean?

Natural Hair Products Vs. Organic: What does It All Mean?

Organic. Natural. We've all heard the terms tossed around lately. With the trend moving toward eating cleaner, and reducing the chemicals and toxicity in our lives, cosmetic products are also moving toward creating "organic" and "natural" products. But what do these labels really mean? Are your organic hair products really organic? We dove deep into the world of cosmetic labelling to help you sift through the BS and make informed buying decisions.

Natural Hair Products

1. Natural

The word "natural" in labelling means that an ingredient is completely naturally derived, with no chemically modified or synthetic ingredients, but here's where it gets tricky. This term is not regulated by the FDA, so a hair product can label itself as "natural" even if only one out of 20 ingredients fits the description. One way to get around this is to always check the ingredients list. As ingredients are listed from highest percentage to lowest, choose your hair products with synthetic ingredients listed as low on the list as possible. 

2. Organic

While the FDA does not officially define the term "organic" when it comes to cosmetics, we can safely say that organic hair products are free of synthetic additives and are created with no genetic engineering. If you spot a USDA organic seal, this means at least 95% of the product's ingredients are organic. Here's the catch though: a product can still declare itself organic if at least 70% of ingredients are organic, however, these products will not contain a USDA organic seal.

3. Cruelty-free

Cruelty-free hair products mean that no ingredients have been tested on animals. When shopping for hair products, look out for a little bunny symbol, which is the official Leaping Bunny certification for cruelty-free cosmetics. The Leaping Bunny website is also a goldmine for ethical beauty junkies, providing a constantly updated list of cruelty-free brands (including Love Hair, of course). They also sometimes have deals with brands to save you money on cruelty-free cosmetics.

4. Vegan/Plant-based

Just like the dietary restriction, vegan hair products or cosmetics contain no animal by-products whatsoever. The catch? Just like vegans may indulge in carbs or other unhealthy treats, vegan hair products may contain other synthetic or chemical ridden ingredients, as long as no animals were harmed. Be sure to check the ingredient list before buying!

When in doubt...

Check the label

Read the ingredient list

Consult resources like Leaping Bunny

Stick to the brands you know

Give companies a call and inquire yourself 

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